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Planet Oval Trays

Planet Oval Trays

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The Planet Oval Trays are an eye-catching, unique collection of four trays, each with its own unique design. Drawing inspiration from a planet that was once home to a great Jedi, these trays bring a touch of galactic intrigue and mystery to any decor. With curved edges and bright colors, these trays add a fun, modern feel to any room.


Jesmonite, Acrylic Color


Sizes vary per item. Measurement in Inches

Park Hopper Trays 6x6

Park Hopper Dishes 4.25 x 5.75

Round, Square, Hexagon and Bubble Coasters 4x4

Oval Trays 7 x 3.75

Monstera Coasters 3.5 x 4

Ring Holders approx 3

Rectangle Tray 3x6

Care information

Should anything spill on it, clean with a soft damp cloth and a mild cleaner. Colored liquids may stain.

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