About Us

This is Leiza, the CEO of Noel and Company. Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away....or the guest bedroom of our house here in Alabama, an idea was born. This idea was created for those who want to continue to enjoy the magic at home, work or anywhere they adventure. 

Noel and Company started with an enamel pin, the one that started it all, The Terrazzo Magic pin was drawn and created to spread joy amongst my co-workers and customers at Starbucks. I found a joy out of sharing my creation and I wanted to take it further.

The idea of a The Terrazzo magic pin developed into a jesmonite tray over the course of 6 months, learning with trial and error as well as supply issues I found a way to efficiently craft this ecoresin into different designs, patters and colors.

I hope you get as much joy from my pins and jesmonite pieces as I do. We'll see ya real soon.

And thanks for shopping small.


We are not affiliated with Disney, all rights in the characters and the names are with the Walt Disney company, and in no way is the distribution of these items an assertion of ownership of The Walt Disney Company’s intellectual property.