What is Jesmonite?

Jesmonite products are composite materials, a combination on a reactive mineral base in a pure water based acrylic resin.
Jesmonite is often referred to as an Ecoresin. It is lightweight and heat and fire resistant.

Are Jesmonite products safe?

Jesmonite products are water based, non solvent and contain no VOC's

Are my Jesmonite products water proof?

Jesmonite Products are coated with a water resistant sealer. While it is safe to occasionally get your product wet, it is also recommended that your product has time to dry out and won’t be wet continually. Your product remaining wet may stain it.

How do I clean my product?

Ours products are not dishwasher safe, nor should they be submerged in water. If something is spilled on your piece you should wipe it with a clean towel and a non abrasive cleaner as soon as possible

 Size Information

Sizes vary per item. Measurement in Inches
Park Hopper Trays 6x6
Park Hopper Dishes 4.25 x 5.75
Round, Square, Hexagon and Bubble Coasters 4x4
Oval Trays 7 x 3.75
Monstera Coasters 3.5 x 4
Ring Holders approx 3
Rectangle Tray 3x6